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Complete List of Items to Send to the Troops -   
GoDaddy Web Hosting -   GREAT web hosting! -   
Gilmore Girls Images and Photos -
20 Questions -   
7 Mary 3 -   We saw them live at SoHo!
Action Eye Photography -   
More Ancient Religious Texts -   
Angelfire -   Free Web Pages; A Division of Lycos
Apartment Guide -   Offers General and Specific Descriptions, Pictures, Floorplans, Rates, and Contact Information -   Check out this site to see how other web sites have progressed over the years!
Arin Whois IP Address Search -   
Army One Source -   
Assess Yourself -   
Astrocenter -   This will offer you horoscopes, numerology, and other neat stuff.
Bayonet Online -   Ft. Benning's Newspaper
Bipolar Happens! -   Julie Fast, Click Here for her home page, wrote this fantastic book about her illness and mine, Bipolar. Close friends of mine and family will receive the direct link to the book for free. Click to email me in the left frame if you feel you qualify. ;)
Bravenet -   Go to this site to find great FREE tools for webmasters! Pay a little bit of moolah to remove ads and get more features to add to your site! -   Peter R. Breggin and Psychiatric Drug Facts
Cafe Press -   A Free Place to Sell Stuff Online!
CinCHouse -   Community for Military Wives.
Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife's Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?
Columbus Artists Guild -   
Conversion Chart -   The site that allows you to convert just about anything to anything else.
Cool Guy Files -   
Cooltext Graphics -   This will allow you to make awesome graphics (like the Welcome Graphic on the first page) to use on your web site. It is completely free and they have a pretty decent selection. All text banners (like my graphic) are personalized.
CSS Zen Garden -    CSS Zen Garden Resources -   
Darwin Awards -   
Dimestore Productions Forum -   Home of the Small Press Association and Obscurity Unlimited, among other small press organizations.
Droopy -   Tex Avery Tribute
Dumb Laws -   Check out dumb laws in the World, your State, and your City.
eBay -   Buy or sell items online!
Expedia Travel -   discount airfare, flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, cruises, maps -   Post your own Fan Fiction or read the Fan Fiction that other people have posted.
Flowgo -   This is yet another greeting card site that I actually hadn't ever heard of before. There are some really cute cards here. =D
Foresight Animations -   
Ford Mustang Official Site -   I added the link to this site for my wonderful husband, who loves Ford Mustangs as much as I do! -   Wallpapers, Screensavers, and more, for free!
Free Graphics -   Millions and millions of free graphics - animated, backgrounds, etc. - all available at your fingertips! -   Play all sorts of games online against other people.
Google -   I hope you know what Google is. If not click on "Google" to find out!
Google Found Carmen Sandiego! -   
Got Laughs? -   If not, this site will give you some!
Hot Jobs -   Obtain a successful job within a professional company by posting your resume here.
Internet 800 Directory -   
iOffer -   iOffer (better than eBay!)
Isabel Bloom -   Amazingly beautiful sculptures for reasonable prices, many categories and hundreds to choose from!
JavaScriptSource -   This is an awesome site that will allow you to use javascript on your web site without paying a dime. I highly recommend checking this site out.
Jesus Saves -   Cute joke.
Joel Osteen -   This is his home page at the Lakewood Church. You can view sermons and .
Lyrics -   Find lyrics to just about any song at this site.
Make your own Bush speech - -   Find people near you with similar interests. You get to vote on a venue and meet people. -   Post your resume and obtain a successful and high-paying job within a company.
Mood Gym Training Program -   
MSN -   Here you can access the Microsoft Network, including Hotmail and all sorts of stuff.
My Cool Cell -   TONS of cell phone accessories at VERY reasonable prices.
My Space -   
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill -   Official web site for NAMI.
NeoPets -   This is like a role-playing and gigapet type of thing... really cool.
NetZero -   Discount High Quality Dial-Up and High-Speed Dial-Up Internet Access for your Home or Office Computer.
The Onion -   America's Finest News Source
Orbitz -   Discount Air Fares and more!
Palm Pilot Freeware -   
PayPal -   This site allows you to pay or recieve payments from anyone with an email address and checking account and/or credit card.
Philosophy -   There are lots of fantastic articles here that are related to philosophy. Help yourself expand your mind by checking out this web site.
Playgrounds Magazine -   This is a local mini-newspaper that circulates the Columbus area with information about local entertainment, etc.
Post Poems -   This is linked to my poetry for you to read and enjoy. Please take a look at the rest of the site as well!
Psychiatry24x7 -   Click Here for the mood diary.
Reader's Digest -   I subscribe to this magazine and find it very interesting. There are dozens of articles and I love to read them all!
RPG - D&D Character Sheet -    TOTALLY AWESOME!
RPG - Fantasy Gathering -   
RPG - Fantasy Gathering - Map -   
Terra Server -   View any part of the United States as is, bird's eye view.
Thomas -   U.S. Congress on the Internet
Alternate Site for Thomas Kinkade Art Gallery -   
Truth or Fiction -   Come here to find out whether something is true or not.
Underground Columbus -   This is a local mini-newspaper that circulates the Columbus area with information about local entertainment, etc.
Until Then -   A Tribute to our Soldiers.
Urban Legends -   Do you like to read about Urban Legends? Whether you think they are real or fake, if you are in any way interested in finding out new Urban Legends, go here. They have an extensive selection of the Urban Legends we all know and love. =)
Uptown Columbus, Georgia -   This is the new web site with information about Uptown Columbus, or what most people would think of as downtown. =D
The Vatican -   
Virtual Florist -   Send a virtual bouquet of flowers to someone special.
Virus Hoaxes -   Norton
Virus Hoaxes -   Urban Legends -   Got an opinion? A mind of your own? Click on this link to share your opinion and speak your mind. Help your country by voting on important issues.
W3 Schools -   Online Web Tutorials
Warm Springs, GA -   This is a small town about 30 miles from Columbus that has great B&B's and Antique Shops. The web site offers a map of the area. -   Check to see what the weather is in your area or in a place you might be travelling to.
WeatherBug -   When you're connected to the internet, it displays the temperature next to your system clock and when you double click on the temperature it gives you full weather details, including forecast and radar.
White House Official Site -   Just in case you have any interest in it, here is a link to The White House's official web site.
WikiPedia -   The best encyclopedia! User-contributed.
Yahoo -   Hopefully you all know what Yahoo is.
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